Are you moving to Charlotte?

Charlotte has a lot to offer

As one of the fastest growing cities in the US, Charlotte has become a popular place for people of all ages.  With the increased rate of growth we have seen an explosive amount of growth for businesses, which in turn has increased the number of activities in the city.

When You Are Moving to Charlotte

There are all kinds of lovely homes waiting for buyers who are moving to Charlotte. Many homes in Charlotte feature brick fronts and siding. Some have porches. Some homes are two stories. So there are many choices and styles available. One thing you will notice in Charlotte is that the city is clean and that people truly take pride in maintaining their homes and yards in pristine condition.

Modest homes, townhouses and condos
You can buy a nice modest home for under $150,000 in some areas, which include three bedrooms and one to two bathrooms, a dining room, a living room and a kitchen. The yards are lush with beautiful green lawns and mature trees that offer the beauty and privacy you crave. Or if you prefer a condo or a townhouse, you should be able to get a nice one for under $200, 000 in some areas.

More fancy family homes
There are more expensive homes, but that are still reasonably priced. A fancier family home can be purchased for between $250,000 to $300,000. You may also like to consider pre-construction communities where you can pick out many features of your new home.

Luxurious homes, more acreage and mansions
Then there are homes that sell for over $500,000. They are opulent and luxurious and offer larger lots, some several acres. There are even mansions available for over two million dollars with lovely arches, pillars, balconies and yards of palm trees. The choice is yours.

The Art District
The Art District is eclectic in its presentation of colorful homes which were once owned by artists. But now corporate people also live here. Note that this area offers some great fish tacos which can be found at Cabo Fish Taco. Many claim that these are actually the best fish tacos in the city. Enjoy some art galleries and coffee shops as well.

Center City
This is home to condos, lofts, and townhouses. This is the real urban heart of Charlotte. Here strolling the streets there are bankers, business people, moms with babies and many university students, since Johnson and Wales University is nearby. There are many restaurants, banks and museums, along with other fine shops.

Plaza Midwood
Plaza Midwood is lined with mature greenery and well maintained bungalows that have been refurbished. Central Avenue offers Asian and Hispanic markets that are fun to explore. Nova’s bakery produces lovely fresh bread of many varieties, which is perfect for dinner or any time. And Penguin’s will serve you up some decadent fried pickles. This area is also home to the Country Club. Golf is a highly enjoyable pass time here.

South Park
South Park claims to offer the largest shopping mall in the area and there are also many other blocks of prestigious shops to enjoy nearby. The homes in this area range from $300,000, the mid range being $450,000, and going all the way up to well over $1.5 million. Enjoy relaxing with the family at Symphony Park by having a picnic, flying some kites or kicking around a ball.

Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina. You are moving to a nice, friendly, pleasant city. Contact us for help finding your new, beautiful, comfortable and affordable home today. We are here to help

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